16 Macclesfield

GH16 Sustainable build designed by GOODHOUSE architecture.

A super functional family home that is connected to site. This is a wonderful example of simple design that exploits all the site has to offer. A large ‘hole’ in the middle of the house provides visual connection to the front and rear yard and surrounding tree scape, as well as allowing the winter sun to penetrate deep into the floor plan.

Like all GOODHOUSE homes, this house is designed around basic passive solar principles and it is this design in concert with the high-performance building envelope that means the operation costs are so low.

This house shows that when standard construction techniques are composed and delivered with purpose and care, excellent thermal qualities are possible. When pressure door tested, GH16 was the tightest house in SA and is proving to be very thermally comfortable mainly due to the excellent building envelope and passive solar design.

Each home is a composition of well researched materials, systems and construction details.  All elements have been considered in terms of the associated economic considerations, the performance and the carbon footprint impact.